Financial Information

We always strive to offer patients like you with high quality dental care at a price you are prepared to pay. The cost of each treatment plan varies based on your smile needs. We will fully discuss all of your options, including prices, to ensure you are fully informed and can make the best decisions for your and your family’s oral health.


Dental insurance is a wonderful investment in your oral health, and we will help you maximize your benefits to ensure you get the most out of what you are paying to receive services. Our team of experts will also assist in electronically filing your claims. Please contact us at any time with questions about your dental insurance plan or coverage.

Affordable Payment Plans

Our practice accepts checks and most major credit cards. We are happy to assist those patients who wish to have the benefits of care now, without adversely affecting their lifestyle.

Grand Dental Studio is happy to work with our patients and create a payment plan that works for you on a personal level.  Our wish is to make sure the cost of dental treatment does not stand in the way of our patients or affect their lives in a negative way.  We work with CareCredit and Alphaeon Financing and are happy to arrange payment plans with them. These are companies which turn the cost of dental treatments into manageable payments for those patients whose insurance providers do not offer any assistance, as well as for those whose insurance companies only pay for partial treatment.

Office Visits

At Grand Dental Studio, we’ve got a few goals when it comes to patient care. We want you to feel safe and right at-home in our office, and we are committed to providing high quality dental services that are gentle and customized to your unique smile needs. When you’re under our care, you can sit back, relax, and know that an expert team is on your side.

While each treatment plan varies, we know doctor-patient responsibilities remain the same. There are 4 that we strive to follow closely.

  • We provide open and honest communication about your oral health. 
  • Doctors give clear, easy to understand explanations about even the most complex dental issues or treatments.
  • Patients must ask all questions needed in order to feel completely comfortable. 
  • All treatment decisions should be based on what is best for the patient and their family.