Patient Testimonials

My appearance is important to my profession; however, most of my life I was embarrassed to smile because it looked like I had a missing tooth. Dr. Michael Kirk recommended Invisalign Clear Braces. This experience changed my life. I am much more confident and I smile more both on and off the stage. Dr. Kirk and his team made the process so easy. Everyone at Grand Dental Studio is very caring and professional. I love my new smile! Thank you Dr. Kirk.
-- Miki Kawamura, Oklahoma City via Sapporo, Japan
Principal Dancer for Oklahoma City Ballet

Dr. Kirk and his team at Grand Dental addressed all my concerns about cosmetic dentistry. I wanted to look natural and not fake. I am so pleased that I did Lumineers. It was simple, quick, and pain-free. I now have a smile that I can be proud of.
-- Katie Kurtz, Oklahoma City


The entire Grand Dental team made this procedure so easy for me. I would gladly talk to anyone about Lumineers. I love mine and I am so proud when people stop me and tell me that I have a great smile! The procedure was painless and completely non evasive. What a great staff at Grand Dental!
--David Leader, Oklahoma City


It is difficult for us to put our trust in many professionals but we completely trust Grand Dental Studio. One great decision, two great smiles!
-- Lang with daughter Linda


From my very first visit to Grand Dental Studio, I knew that I would never go anywhere else. Each dental visit is simply awesome!
-- Curtis

I feel naturally beautiful with my new smile. No one would ever know that I had cosmetic dentistry done.
-- Julie


I finally have straight, beautiful teeth. No hassle and no pain! The doctors and staff have made me look good and feel good.
-- Dolly


I used to be self-conscious about my smile. Now, I feel like a princess. I love my smile. Thank you, Grand Dental Studio!
-- Sarah


Grand Dental Studio is a great dental experience. Dr. Kirk placed Lumineers on me and I love my smile.
-- Brandi


When I needed to spruce myself up a bit, I went to the folks at Grand Dental Studio. How 'bout a new and brighter SMILE? Dr. Janice Henry and Grand Dental basically said 'get in here' and we'll make you as handsome as possible (knowing that they were working with me, that was a tall order). I'm absolutely thrilled with my smile and like going to the dental office. Plus, I have to tell you—the ladies in the office are “hot.” I love my new smile.
-- Dick


Dr. Kirk did such an incredible job on my teeth. I never knew a dental visit could be so pleasant. I actually have strangers compliment me on my smile and I love it!
-- Christy


The anticipation of my procedure was the worst part. Dr. Kirk and his staff completely pampered me through the entire procedure. There is a difference between doing a job and doing a job right. Dr. Kirk and his staff treated me like they would treat a family member. I would recommend any friend of mine to experience what I experienced with Dr. Kirk and his staff.
-- David


I was a patient of the gentlemen who had an office in Dr. Kirk’s former location. I arrived for an appointment and was met by a new dentist, Dr. Michael Kirk. This is over ten years ago now. After meeting Dr. Kirk, I was put at ease by his warm and personable approach to dentistry. I have had only good experiences at his office and will continue to be a patient for life.
-- Ron


I was able to place all of my trust in Dr. Kirk when it came to asking him to do veneers on my four front teeth. I was nervous about cosmetic dentistry. However, the procedure wasn’t scary at all. I have so many compliments on my teeth. They look so natural.
-- Frances


My experience with you and your staff has been wonderful. I never liked going to the dentist, but you have made me feel comfortable and all my anxiety about seeing the "DENTIST" is gone. I love my new smile. I no longer smile with my mouth closed because of embarrassment. Thank you all for your caring and professional manner.
-- Rosemary


My dad, Dr. Michael Kirk, did Lumineers to enhance my smile when I was in high school. He had always refused to perform any cosmetic dentistry on me. He said that I was too young. I wanted Lumineers because my front teeth were a little small and I had some discoloration on my teeth from my braces. My front teeth really bothered me. Finally, he said yes. My teeth look really natural. I get compliments on my smile all of the time. I am in college now and I tell all my friends about Lumineers.
-- Kelsey, Oklahoma City


I like coming to Grand Dental. They take great care of me. Plus, they always keep in mind my busy schedule with Oklahoma City Ballet and my other businesses. I would highly recommend Grand Dental.
-- Ronnie Underwood, Dancer with Oklahoma City Ballet, Tulsa


I wanted sedation dentistry because I wanted both the top and bottom teeth worked on in one setting. Knowing it would take around six hours to complete, I figured why not sleep right through it. I remember everything right up to being sedated. Then, I just felt relaxed. I would highly recommend sedation dentistry because it eliminated a lot of stress for me.

I have been going to the dentist my whole life and I can honestly say Grand Dental is by far the best dental experience I have ever had. Their staff is the kindest and most caring and they truly make you feel you are part of their family.

--Joe M., Oklahoma City