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Help Your Child Start Summer With a Clean Smile!

June 4, 2016

dentist oklahoma cityIt sure is heating up out there, and we know your child is ready for summer… but what about her teeth? Believe it or not, June, July, and August are some of the most cavity-prone months for kiddos, as sweet summer treats and a change in the routine make teeth more vulnerable to the acids and bacteria that cause decay. Your dentist in Oklahoma City wants to remind you to help your little one start this season off with a clean-smile slate by scheduling a checkup and cleaning at Grand Dental Studio! Because preventive dental care is the best way to help her maintain a happy, healthy smile this summer, and for so many more to come.


Your Family Dentist Oklahoma City Offers Best Dental Experience

October 5, 2015

Grand Dental Studios TeamAt Grand Dental Studio, Dr. Michael Kirk and Dr. Janice Henry are committed to providing patients like you with Oklahoma’s Best Dental Experience™. That means making sure that from the moment you first call our office, you feel welcome, heard and at ease with our whole team. Because visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a chore, or something you dread — and we believe it shouldn’t be. Read on to learn how Grand Dental Studio in Oklahoma City is committed to providing you with nothing short of excellence in dentistry.

Comfortable, Expert Cosmetic & Restorative Services from Your Oklahoma City Dentist

September 9, 2015

Patient recieve outstanding sedation dental care from your Oklahoma City dentiistAt Grand Dental Studio, our skilled dentists see many patients with minor to severe dental flaws who would like restore or enhance their natural smile, but the thought of enduring complex dental treatments that are uncomfortable at best and painful at worst deters them. As part of our commitment to providing patients the best dental experience in Oklahoma, we recommend considering sedation dentistry to diminish pain and making your dental visit peaceful and productive. Call to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation with your Oklahoma City dentist today.


Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month! Schedule Your Child’s Dental Checkup Appointment Today

February 2, 2015

159161486Has your child seen a dentist lately? Sometimes, parents are confused by dental health recommendations for children, but as soon as your child’s first tooth appears, it’s time to schedule a children’s dental visit. Every February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of children’s oral health. Celebrate your child’s dental health and make an appointment with Dr. Kirk for your child’s next dental checkup today. Dr. Kirk is a pediatric dentistry expert. Grand Dental Studio delivers quality pediatric dental care daily throughout Oklahoma City, OK, Midwest City, Deer Creek, Yukon, Edmond, Moore, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Children’s Dental Health Month All About?

The month-long national observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, educators, and families to promote the benefits of good oral health for children, their caregivers, teachers, and others. This year’s theme is centered on defeating “Monster Mouth” and features the McGrinn Twins, Flossy and Buck, along with their next-door neighbors, Den and Gen Smiley and K-9 the dog.  They are all fighting to defeat “Plaqster the Monster” for good oral health.  Older children and teens can also benefit from the messages demonstrating effective ways to defeat monster mouth and maintain good oral health by always brushing, flossing, rinsing, and choosing healthy snacks.  Resources are provided to help speakers, teachers, and others communicate the importance of oral hygiene to children of all ages.

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Next Dental Checkup

  • First, consider making a morning appointment when children tend to be more rested and cooperative.
  • Keep any dental anxiety or concerns you have to yourself. Children can pick up on your emotions, so always emphasize the fun and positive.
  • Never use a dental visit as a punishment or threat.
  • Never bribe your child with cavity causing treats.
  • Talk with your child about visiting the dentist and role play so they can get used to the idea early on.

Oklahoma City Children’s Dental Checkup Appointments

Developing good oral hygiene habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental checkups will ensure your child gets a head start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Make a dental checkup appointment with Dr. Kirk for your child today. Grand Dental Studio is a family friendly dentistry, now proudly restoring smiles daily throughout OKC, Midwest City, Deer Creek, Yukon, Edmond, Moore, Nichols Hills, and nearby cities.

Learn more about the ADA and National Children’s Dental Health Month here:


OKC Pediatric Dentistry Advice to Protect Your Child’s Dental Health

January 5, 2015

122406213Oral Health Is Important at Every Age and Every Stage. Encouraging your child to practice proper oral health care and keeping up with their pediatric dentistry checkups, will go a long way to ensure their dental health today, and for the rest of their lives. Make your child’s next pediatric dental appointment with Dr. Kirk and the family friendly team at Grand Dental Studio today. Dr. Kirk is a highly qualified family dentist.  Grand Dental Studios proudly serves patients of all ages throughout OKC, Midwest City, Deer Creek, Yukon, Edmond, Moore, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding communities.

How Do Pediatric Dentistry Appointments Protect Your Child’s Smile?

  • Regular dental cleanings will prevent decay and promote a lifetime of healthy dental behavior.
  • Regular dental cleanings can help your child prevent gum disease and the loss of their permanent teeth.
  • Regular dental cleanings remove the decay causing tartar that can’t be removed by brushing alone.
  • Regular dental cleanings get rid of stains that can’t be removed with brushing and flossing.
  • Regular dental checkups will ensure that malocclusion issues are addressed in the earliest stages.
  • Dr. Kirk can protect your child’s teeth from decay with dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Seven Pediatric Dentistry Tips to Promote Your Child’s Healthy Smile

  • Make sure your child uses fluoride based toothpaste for maximum protection from dental decay.
  • Use only a pea-sized dab of toothpaste for children aged 3-6, and only slightly more for older children.
  • Teach your child to spit out and not swallow toothpaste when they’re done brushing.
  • For children under 3, start brushing their teeth with a children’s toothbrush and no more than a grain of rice sized quantity of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Teach your child to place the toothbrush at an angle against their gums as they brush.
  • Teach your child to move the brush back and forth in short, gentle strokes.
  • Teach your child to always brush the front, back, and top of their teeth.

OKC Pediatric Dentistry Appointments

Be proactive with your child’s dental health. Make an appointment with Dr. Kirk for your child’s dental checkup and cleaning today. Dr. Kirk is a trusted pediatric dentistry expert. Grand Dental Studio proudly serves families daily throughout OKC, Midwest City, Deer Creek, Yukon, Edmond, Moore, Nichols Hills, and nearby cities.

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Month at Grand Dental Studio!

February 17, 2014

This kid is excited about brushing her teeth!Many people may not know this, but February is National Children’s Dental Month. A child’s teeth is just as important, if not more so, than an adult’s, and because their teeth are brand new and just forming, their smiles are more prone to decay. In order to have a beautiful smile for years to come, your child must become accustomed to the healthy routines and habits at an early age. The doctors at Grand Dental Studio understand the importance of your child’s smile, which is why they offer children’s dentistry.

Dental sealants are an important aspect of children’s dentistry. Because the teeth located toward the back of the mouth have deep grooves and pits, they are more susceptible to bacteria getting lodged and causing problems. Dental sealants protect your child’s teeth by adding a protective layer in the grooves, preventing harmful bacteria from making your child’s smile its new home. Playing a crucial role in cavity prevention, dental sealants cover the molars and premolars, which are the primary chewing teeth.  This is a wonderful way to ensure your child’s smile stays protected.

Fluoride supplements are another wonderful way to keep your little one’s smile looking and feeling great! Fluoride attracts other minerals that help strengthen tooth enamel. Surprisingly, tap water is a good way for your child to get fluoride, but because most people drink bottled water, you child may be missing out on much needed fluoride. We will be able to determine whether or not your child needs a fluoride boost when they come in for their appointment, and we will provide a simple solution.

To take advantage of National Children’s Dental Month, make an appointment for your child today, and let our amazing doctors and staff set your child off on the right path of dental health.

Interested in learning more about our children’s dentistry or some of our other cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry services? Call us today at Grand Dental Studio to schedule your appointment. Our Oklahoma City dental office is conveniently located for patients who live or work in the greater OKC area.